YARR! Let's learn something fun!

Hello Shipmates!

Its December the 1st, 2019 as I sit and write this in my Captain’s cabin. The past twenty years I’ve been teaching 3D and Game Development to the community as a whole, however now I think it is time to set sail on the seas of adventure! This journey is going to be fun, there’s going to be excitement and hard work! But it’s going to be EXCITING!

Why? I heard you ask. Because, no one, anywhere, ever has done what CGPirates is about to do – which is to be taking on board the most inclusive and best crew you can get. You. This entire community of learning that I am creating is for you. Because you are awesome and you want to learn! It doesn’t matter what people say to you, anyone can learn! At CGPirates I have twenty years of teaching experience and over ten years of experience in helping people with non-neurotypical was of managing and learning. I am going to sail my ship HARD into unknown seas with YOU. And YOU are going to learn with me at the helm. I’m going to teach you how to be a Game Developer, I am going to teach you how to be a 3d artist too if you like, and you are going to show everyone how awesome you are!

And in return, all I want is for you to be happy on this ship of adventure, where I will respect your journey with us and always be here to answer any problems or questions that you may have!