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CGPirates Wednesday Shorties! Making a purchased Character Work in UE4

YARRR! Hell,o mateys! So if you are like me, occasionally you will purchase a model from the marketplace or from Turbosquid or wherever so that you don’t have to spend weeks developing a piece for your project that someone has already done (and often done better than I can!). in this very short (WEDNESDAY SHORTIES!) lesson, I open up UE4 and the FPS Game Kit / WIldchild Tribe assets so that you can see just how easy it is to assign a skeleton to your asset and replace out the old character with your awesome looking new one. This is not a lesson on building your own AI and cool things like that, this is a lesson on ‘gettin’ it DUN fast’. There will be a technical tutorial on the long process of doing it yourself from scratch in the near future if it’s not out already when you see this!

So, some useful links for you!

Unreal Engine 4 –

FPS Game Starter Kit –…

Wild Tribe for UE4 –…

CGPirates –