YARR! Let's learn something fun!

3d is Fundemental – Enough Basics to Start

YARRRRRRRRRRRRR (yarrrrr!) me lovelies! Would you like a 20-hour fundamentals course in how all the basic bits and bobs in 3d work? Why? What you really want is to start making things that are interesting and fun! Because of this our new Fundamentals course is six minutes long and gives you everything you need to know to start using our learning aimed at 3d artists and asset creators! Join Captain Blue over at and learn the very basics of 3d, it doesn’t matter what app you are using! Maya maestros, Max masters, Blender blasters, Modo monsters, all 3d applications work on the same basic idea!

1. Make something simple.

2. Tweak it.

3. Continue until it looks awesome.

This tutorial shows you everything you need to know to do section 1. Now you can safely go on to all our new CGPirates lessons and get going! Any questions, you can catch us on our Discord or on Facebook! Big love from Captain Blue and I hope you are having a wonderful day!