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Lighthouse Assets 3 : Giving Your Boat Some Seating

YARRRrrrRRRRrrrrrrrRRRR…. me laddies!

Hello everyone! This is Captain Olblue here from cgpirates wishin’ ye a hello and welcome aboard this ship of learning! This is part of the Lighthouse Assets lesson set 1, making yourself a seaworthy boat! (NOT SHIP).

Welcome to the learning pack! If you are thinking of starting here, go ahead! Just remember that if you are making a boat the other parts focus on all the previous building parts however you can still use the skills from this set in your own projects really easily! In this part you are going to learn about manipulating by the border, bridging tools, how to use the slice plane tool and the cut tool! Oh and probably a few others too!

By the time you are done with this short set, you will know how to put seating in your low polygon boat, ready for the next part where we will be making OARS!

YARR and see you then!

Captain Blue