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The Wickie Development Journal 1

YARR! Hello me dearies, this is Captain Blue over at CGPirates and this is the development diary for The Wickie, a project I am personally putting together.

This development diary shows the processes and assets that have been used so far to build one of the most important characters in the story, the Island.

This is the third pass for detail, this time adding the chiseled concrete stairs to the cliff faces that lead up to the lighthouse. I have started this project to really bring to people’s attention that you can, using the assets available, as well as using your own assets, create a complex and compelling project if you are just able to put time and effort into it.

In this project, I am using Quixel Iceland assets as well as using a placement array plugin that Epic put out for free a month ago. All other assets are ones that I have either created myself or ones that literally ship with the basic install. For example all of the steps are the 1x1x1 cube that comes in the starter content.

Sea and Sky is looking good in my opinion and I am licensing TrueSky which will help me a great deal. As usual if you have any questions, please do ask!