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Unreal Engine 4 Advanced 1 – Blended Materials

YARR my advanced lovelies! (And you lovelies that just were curious and now are learning anyway!)

Welcome to my first advanced lesson on CGPirates – Advanced meaning that it’s not just visually doing things like modeling and placing. Instead, this time we are going to make a blended and layered auto-material that will place rock, snow, water or anything else (skulls?) that you could want on top of your complex geometry.

Imagine you have a big island made of multiple instanced meshes and now you want moss on it. How would you do it?

Simple – we are going to create two material functions – one for moss and one for the base rock underneath and then create some parameters to control how much and how sharp. One instanced material later and we have a fully controllable and above all cheap to reproduce (processor wise) effect that will add a lot less uniformity and much more interesting detail into the project.

Assets are from Quixel’s Megascans (now a part of the Epic Family) and you should go get them immediately from or from the Marketplace on UE4 – they are FREE. Yarr, yarr and YARR again.

Time for Captain Blue to go get himself some cold medicine!

Love and skulls mateys!

Captain Blue