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Building a Bothy 1 – Creating The Prefabs in 3ds Max


Hello me hearties, this is Captain Blue over at CGPirates, welcome to the crew!

In this lesson, you are going to build the basic pieces of a Bothy. A Bothy is a small and often ancient Scottish dwelling often used as a shelter for hikers and campers.

I have chosen to make one for my personal Wickie project as I needed old Scottish buildings for an Orkney abandoned island. Later parts will detail unwrapping, slight use of noise and putting the assets into Quixel Mixer to make a great texture and then into Unreal Engine where it is assembled.

This will work in about any 3d app, so Blenderites need not feel left out! If you want to just watch the process you can also check out the complete timelapse! YARRRR ME LOVELIES. And if you become a Patreon you join our pirate crew AND get access to all the files that were used in this project as well as getting a pirate shout out in the next lesson!


Cpt Blue