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Building a Bothy 2 Unwrapping in 3ds Max

YARRRRrrrrRRRRRR Me Hearties!

Welcome to CGPirates ‘The Bothy’ lessons.

This is part two and in this part Captain Blue is going to show you how to unwrap the parts that you have made using 3ds Max’s built in unwrap tools.

To be honest they will do all of the work themselves however you will learn how to make them do the work for you while you habe a great big mug of pirate Grog! GROG!

Anyway, join us for part three where we will use Quixel Mixer to mix up a sweet texture for the Bothy and get it looking GOOD! Also become a Patron for awesome shoutouts, access to unreleased and commercial sets and more!


Cpt Blue!