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GameDev Assets – Building a Hopper 1 – 3D Build and UV Mapping

YARRRRRR Hello Mateys!

Welcome to the newest GameDev Assets tutorial – I needed a storage hopper suitable for about the 1920s/30s for the lighthouse. Detail pieces like this, flesh out a scene and add a sense of realism and depth that would otherwise be missed – plus it’s a great piece to add to your personal assets library for use perhaps in the future on a project of your own!

So, in this lesson, you will learn how to create the 3D hopper and its metal roof. Then after that, you will learn how to unwrap the low polygon hopper properly so that your applied texture looks as good as possible.

So, buckle in with your 3d application of choice mateys!

Let’s Learn! YARRRRRRR

Captain Ol’Blue