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Indie Video Games and Trailers with Friend AI (GPT-3). Time to Jump In.

This is what a meeting with an AI feels like…

I have done a lot of looking at horror games and horror game trailers recently for A Trailer or even a teaser is one of the largest things you can do for marketing of your video game because they really do give you a way to put your project in front of the largest group of people possible.

This is a good example of five video game trailers.

For this part of the project, I needed to bounce some ideas off someone (or thing) independent, so I have been using GPT-3, a machine learning / text based AI system, to bounce my ideas back critically. As I do not have access to the base GPT-3, instead I have been using AIDungeon in a custom scenario of myself being an indie game developer asking someone in the industry what their opinion is.

The AI is a harsh and objective viewpoint. I can highly recommend it. It has already told me to consider that Horror will put a lot of people off, so I should focus more on the idea of “Wierd Fiction” and “Thriller”. In addition to that the AI really has bought me to focus a lot on Trailers. I have been considering for some time what I should be doing in the marketing and promotion field, including paying money for some advertising to get the name of the project out there. The AI says TRAILER.

So I’m doing both. I have done some research on the topic and here are my notes I will be working from in rough;

This is the rough format for the trailer… Music is KEY here.

  1. Fades in
  2. CGpirates Logo
  3. UE4 Logo
  4. Hook – a line or comment or quote that fits the feel of the game.
  5. Title of the game
  6. A montage of short clips of different gameplay timed to the music’s beat.
  7. Crash
  8. A longer clip of the player avoiding something unseen but making its presence known.
  9. Crecendo to big reveal
  10. Fade before big reveal proper
  11. Big Logo
  12. Slogan
  13. Links and details
  14. release date

If you would like to see what the AI was saying, here is a screen capture from the conversation I had. Occasionally it seems to think I am 19 and living in a basement which is slightly concerning. Also it is incredibly dismissive and negative about horror games, which kind of fits into how the current industry is. Perhaps it is a EA exec?

The AI in one of its more helpful moments. This is a rare event as it seems to hate game development.