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About CGPirates

YARR MATEYS! Welcome to the about page for CGPirates! I’m going to explain as quickly as I can what this site is for, who Captain Ol’ Blue is and what the future holds for the site!

So firstly, is a website for people who want to learn about Game Development using Unreal Engine 4, want to learn about 3D using 3DS Max or who want help and assistance with their existing skills. The website will also be helping with tools like Quixel Mixer and Megascans and the FPS Kit (which is available on the Unreal Marketplace). Out of all of these the only piece of software which costs money at the moment is the FPS kit, and its use is entirely optional for all users of the site. 3DS Max is free to use for anyone who is learning 3D. Unreal Engine 4 is free to anyone to learn with and Quixel Mixer and Megascans are free to Unreal Engine users!

At the moment everything except Patron bonus material is free. Anything that is free on this site will remain free and there is no need to register or put in any payment details or anything like that. Support is managed by Discord and Facebook to make things easier. The website at the moment does not require financial support to run. We use Patreon to allow us to make some additional funds for software, server fees and so on.

Captain Ol’Blue is your tutor and website administrator (me). YARR. For 19 years I have been teaching people online, and I have taught well over 100,000 people in that time, in every kind of job you can imagine!

Finally – why CGPirates?

Pirates are cool. YARR!

Ol’ Captain Blue.