YARR! Let's learn something fun!

Welcome 3d-Palace Veteran! It’s Great To See You Here!

Hello everyone, its wonderful that you have found the 3d-palace content (or if you have not and you are just watching this video… sup new person?). I wanted to quickly explain why you are redirected to and what is happening!

If you prefer text to video – the simple reason is that I made CGPirates as a new project over a year ago so that I could move away from feeling I was in some way expected to do more and more 3ds Max material, something I still do, but in no way as much as I used to.

I wanted to release every set I have made that is worth having so I have started setting up a release schedule that will keep new videos arriving on this site until at least next year, every single day. That means that if you are wanting to keep up with the hard surface skills that I did my best to teach everyone, then you should be more than happy and able to pop by whenever you like to get some more skills!

Currently the Necron Monolith and the Imperial Knight are both releasing at a part a day, the Knight has a 60 day release cycle and the Monolith about 20. I will be adding other sets and keeping everything overlapped nicely but if you spot a weak link please do let me know! I

love you all and hope that you have fun with the release of this massive archive, the largest hard surface free learning archive anywhere. I will add to it over time and I will also be adding a professional level free set of lessons for Unreal Engine 4 and eventually 5 as well, so please do keep on coming back!


Captain Olblue